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At Gomperts Cooling we offer the service of renting out mobile cooling units for your home or business events! From planning to preparation and set-up to transportation, we make it happen! 

Want to rent a unit?

We are one of the few companies on Curaçao renting out mobile AC units. We provide full service, preparation, installation, drop-off, and pick-up! Are you interested in renting one of our mobile AC units for your home or business event? Give us a call or use our chat in the bottom right corner and we will sort it out!

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Commercial Portable AC Rentals

We are experienced and equipped in mobile AC units to provide an efficient and cooled air-flow for your business space or for events. 

Residential Portable AC Rentals

We sell or rent smaller portable AC units for smaller spaces such as homes. Choose to purchase a portable AC unit or simply rent one for a short period until you find a permanent solution!

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